CSUMB accepts only electronic applications. Electronic versions of the CSU undergraduate and graduate applications are accessible on the CSUmentor.edu website. CSU Mentor allows you to browse through general information about CSU's 23 campuses, view multimedia campus presentations, send and receive electronic responses to specific questions, and apply for admission and financial aid.

Applying online via CSUmentor.edu is expected unless electronic submission is impossible. An acknowledgement will be sent when online applications have been submitted. Application in “hard copy” form may be obtained online via CSUmentor.edu as a portable data format (PDF). Application forms (in PDF) may also be downloaded from www.calstate.edu/sas/publications. [Paper applications should be mailed to the campus admission office.]

If you would like to enroll as a matriculated student, you must file an application for admission for either the fall or spring semester. If you have been in attendance at CSUMB during either of the two preceding semesters, you qualify as a continuing student and do not need to reapply or pay the $55 application fee. After an absence of two or more semesters, an application and fee are necessary when re-entering CSUMB, but applications are not required for students desiring to enroll only in extension or intersession.