Your final official transcripts must be submitted prior to enrollment to verify that all required coursework has been completed successfully. CSUMB will either rescind provisional admissions, delay admission, or not permit registration or attendance until receipt of final transcripts and admission eligibility can be verified.

All transcripts submitted for admission and transfer credit purposes must be official and sent directly from the originating school or college to Office of Admissions. All records submitted become the property of CSUMB, part of your file, and will not be released. If you do not complete the admission application or enroll, the records will be kept on file for two years.

We suggest that you order a set of transcripts for yourself at the same time that you order transcripts for admission so that you will have them available for advising purposes. Office of Admissions will not provide copies of documents submitted.

If you are a transfer applicant with fewer than 60 transferable semester credits, you must file one complete set of official transcripts from your high school of graduation and ACT or SAT test score results in addition to official transcripts of all college work attempted.

If you are a transfer applicant with 60 or more semester credits of transferable courses, you do not need to file a high school transcript. However, we caution that, if during the evaluation process it is determined that you have earned fewer than 60 semester credits of transferable coursework, processing will stop. You will be notified that your high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores are required, and admission consideration will again be given only at the time we receive these documents.

As an undergraduate transfer applicant, you must file one official transcript from each college in which you have enrolled. This includes special sessions, correspondence, and audited courses, as well as any college in which you enrolled and withdrew without earning credit.

As an applicant to a graduate, postbaccalaureate, or credential program, you must file two official transcripts from each college in which you have enrolled. All college work must be reported.