Information technology has become an essential part of every business. High-tech corporations have found that technology itself, without sound business strategies and execution, will not keep the company afloat. To be successful in the increasingly competitive global marketplace, corporations are looking for employees that have solid knowledge and training in both business management and information technology. CSUMB's Master of Science in Management and Information Technology provides exactly that.
~ Dr. Eric Y. Tao, MSMIT Co-Coordinator

In today's digital world, integrating business and technology is an imperative that more and more companies are striving for. Our MSMIT program provides that integration.
~ Dr. Babita Gupta, Associate Professor, School of Business

I chose the MSMIT program at CSUMB for its unique blend of business and technology in one degree. With the help of the caring faculty, I am now able to prepare myself for tomorrow's job market in IT management. The skills I've learned in the areas of project management and systems analysis are already noticeable and being put to use by my employer.
~ Leanne Complin, MSMIT Student