Information technology has become an essential part of every business. To be successful in the increasingly competitive global workplace, corporations are looking for employees that have solid knowledge and training in both business management and information technology.

MSMIT is designed to create a generation of business professionals and decisionmakers who are experts in the areas of information, technology, and problem solving in an environment that is characterized by:

  • Rapid technological advancements
  • A workforce of ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity
  • Demand for the understanding and skills needed to practice in global markets

This graduate program blends the teaching of core management disciplines and the science of information technology. It prepares graduates to assume managerial positions in high-tech companies or launch new businesses with a skillset that enables them to effectively lead knowledge workers. The 40-credit MSMIT degree program is offered jointly by ITCD and the School of Business.

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College of Science, Media Arts and Technology > School of Information Technology and Communication Design

College of Professional Studies > School of Business

Included Academic Fields

Business ~ Management ~ Information Technology ~ Information Systems ~ Project Management ~ Entrepreneurship

Online Components

Some courses are offered in whole or in part online.

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