The profession of social work is committed to social and economic justice, ethics, diversity, and advocacy. The Master of Social Work (MSW) education prepares social workers with advanced knowledge base and skills to address complex social problems and to promote the well-being of individuals and society.

The Central Coast tri-county area in particular is facing a critical shortage of MSW-level social workers. The MSW program at CSUMB is a response to community needs and focuses on local multicultural diversity and social justice. The purpose of the MSW program is to fulfill the local needs that have been historically neglected. It will prepare future generations of MSW-level social workers to serve the needs of local residents and communities in California’s Central Coast. The scope of the program focuses on preparing social work professionals with clinical skills of which the local communities are in dire need. The MSW program is devoted to provide quality graduate education, build alliances with social work employers, as well as maintain strong relationships with the local communities of diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and economic structures.

Official information about the program will be posted here soon. You can also explore more detailed information on the Master of Social Work Program website at