The Writing and Rhetoric Minor provides you with the opportunity to further develop your abilities as a writer, speaker, and critical thinker through participation in a writing-intensive curriculum focusing on the study of multicultural rhetorical traditions, composition pedagogy, argumentation, public advocacy, and the relationships between technology and communication. This minor provides you with both the practice and the intellectual understanding needed to communicate effectively for a variety of rhetorical occasions in your personal, civic, and professional lives.

Integration with Majors

Regardless of major, interdisciplinary skills in writing, oral communication, critical thinking, and interpretation are essential for academic success. Designed for students outside of the Human Communication major that integrates the content of this program, the Writing and Rhetoric Minor develops your understanding of the ways in which communication practices are shaped by your disciplinary contexts. The minor gives you the opportunity to examine the discourse conventions of your own major through a rhetorical framework while sharpening your ability to communicate knowledge to diverse audiences.

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Online Components

Some courses are offered in whole or in part online.

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