Credits Required

Total credits in the minor: 17


Prerequisites exist for many courses in the Communication Design minor.

Outcomes, Courses and Assessment

You must achieve each of the Learning Outcomes designated below by successfully completing the listed courses or alternative assessment options.

LO 0 Individual Learning Plan:
Students produce an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that aligns professional and academic interests with the minor pathway.

  • Complete the following: CST 301CST 301: Prosem:Minors&Certificates

LO 1 Fundamental Design Tools:
Students use professional-level media design tools for the creation of digital content.

  • Complete the following: CST 201CST 201: Media Tools

LO 2 Aesthetics and Design Principles: 
Students apply fundamental graphic design principles to create digital content that communicates a specific message to an audience.

  • Complete the following: CST 328CST 328: Digital Art and Design

LO 3 Communication Design Techniques
Students design static and dynamic digital content using advanced design techniques and tools, and illustrate advanced knowledge of interactivity, usability and aesthetics.

  • Complete two of the following courses (after you work with an advisor in CST 301CST 301: Prosem:Minors&Certificates to design the learning experience):
    CST 351CST 351: Web Design
    CST 451CST 451: Web Production
    CST 304CST 304: Publication Design
    CST 404CST 404: Publication Workshop
    CST 321CST 321: Multimedia I
    CST 421CST 421: Multimedia II 
    CST 305CST 305: 3D Modeling & Animation
    CST 405CST 405: 3D Animation Workshop