Collaborative Health and Human Services, B.A. ~ Faculty

Brian Simmons, Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair
Child welfare policy and practice ~ personal and professional ethics ~ social work practice ~ social policy ~ juvenile justice ~ organization theory

Jerry Endres, M.S.W., Lecturer
Community health ~ social work ~ community empowerment ~ collaboration ~ leadership ~ conflict resolution ~ negotiation

Kim Judson, Dr.P.H., Associate Professor and MPP Program Director
International and multicultural women's health ~ community-based public health policy and management ~ strategic planning ~ conflict resolution and negotiation

Jennifer Lagier, M.A., M.L.I.S., Ph.D., Lecturer
Applications of computer technology in health and human services settings

Joy Rubey, M.A., Lecturer
Health and human services ~ financing and administration ~ grant writing

Miguel D. Tirado, Ph.D., Professor
Nonprofit and public agency management ~ social planning ~ human services financing

Martha Tweed, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Lecturer and CHHS Field Program Coordinator
Field practice ~ field education ~ social work ~ public child welfare

Tom Uretsky, M.P.A., Lecturer
Conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation ~ criminal justice administration


Revised 6/10/05