Collaborative Health and Human Services, B.A. ~ Faculty and Student Quotes

HHSPP is deeply committed to students understanding health and human service systems from a cross-disciplinary perspective and to their developing skills to intervene in those systems on behalf of clients in an ethical and culturally appropriate manner. Field-based learning is an essential approach to acquiring this major's learning outcomes.
~ Dr. Brian Simmons, Department Chair

CSUMB offers a unique opportunity for students contemplating careers in the helping professions of social work, public health, and public safety. Unlike other universities where these programs are divided into separate educational silos, Health, Human Services and Public Policy affords both continuing and transfer students the chance to learn about all three of these fields while concentrating in one area. If you are interested in making a difference in peoples' lives and want an applied education that prepares you for professional work or graduate school, HHSPP is where you should be.
~ Miguel Tirado, Faculty

Once I graduated, I was able to step into a professional and rewarding career in city government. The education I received in the major and the skills learned in my field placement were the reasons why!
~ Julie Uretsky, Pacific Grove, California, Class of 1999

As a transfer student, I found CSUMB to be a positive challenge. The university's CHHS major required me to open my mind, expand my heart, and deepen my thoughts. More importantly, the CHHS faculty gave me excellent guidance in my journey and provided me with a remarkable sense of direction.
~ Jesus Clemente, Salinas, California, Class of 2004

A distinctly unique, multicultural experience that provided me with a vast array of knowledge skills, attitudes, and, most importantly, experience that employers in any field will appreciate. 
~ Lucas Mull, Los Osos, California, Class of 2005

CHHS has given me the experience of a lifetime. I had the fortune of taking classes directly related to my career and having an amazing internship that taught me what working in the profession would be like.  The faculty and staff are truly dedicated to each individual student and their educational experience.
~ Stephanie Vargas, Fremont, California, Class of 2005


Revised 5/23/05