Collaborative Health and Human Services, B.A. ~ Learning Environment

The Monterey Bay region's diverse mix of communities and cultures, health and human services agencies, and public policy and advocacy organizations provide exciting and challenging opportunities for your field experiences in the real-world classroom. You will begin working with experts at one of these community-based agencies as a CHHS major. Prepare to be immersed in social, political, economic, and professional issues.

The Health, Human Services, and Public Policy Department offers internships, courses, and a Masters in Public Policy program in conjunction with the world-renowned Panetta Institute. The Central Coast is home to several other, internationally known universities with which our students have found additional educational, work, and graduate study opportunities. Among these are the Monterey Institute of International Studies and UC Santa Cruz.

CHHS classes are small and highly interactive, and utilize all aspects of our technologically advanced campus.


Revised 6/10/05