You must have financial need to qualify for most forms of financial aid at CSUMB. Need is defined as the cost of education at CSUMB minus expected family contribution. The Unsubsidized Stafford and parent loans are the only exceptions.

Costs of Education

The cost of attending CSUMB for 2009-2010 are listed below. These costs are based on average student expenses for the nine-month academic year.


Living with Parents

Living on Campus

Living off Campus


























*Students who are not California residents pay an additional $372 per credit in tuition charges (up to a maximum of $10,170). Credential student fees are $3,350. Postbaccalaureate student fees are $3,530. All fees are subject to change and approval by the state legislature. All fees are subject to change and approval by the state legislature.

Computer Allowance

The cost of education can be increased to reflect the cost of purchasing a computer. This is a one time only allowance.

Study Abroad

The cost of education may be adjusted to reflect expenses for approved programs for studying abroad. Check with the Financial Aid Office before enrolling.

Summer Session and Winter Session

Summer and Winter Session enrollment have separate registration costs. Your costs of education may be adjusted if you choose to enroll for these sessions.

Loan Fees

If your award letter offer includes a student loan, be aware than an average originate fee of 2.5% will be deducted from your student loan.

Costs of Education Changes

You must notify the Campus Service Center in writing if your living arrangements change since the completion of your FAFSA. Changes to your living arrangements may cause changes in your costs of education. 


If you have additional costs (e.g. childcare or medical expenses not covered by insurance) and feel you need an adjustment in your award to reflect these expenses, you should contact the Campus Service Center.

Expected Family Contribution

Your student/parent contribution is based on a family contribution formula mandated by federal and state regulations. The income and asset information provided on your FAFSA and verified in the review process is used in this computation. If you feel that you have unusual circumstances that affect your family's ability to contribute, you should contact the Campus Service Center.