If you transferred into CSUMB as an AA-T-certified student in Sociology, you must complete the following courses for your bachelor's degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences at CSUMB. If you are unsure about your transfer status, please talk to an advisor.

Download the CCC TMC for Sociology

Complete ALL of the following courses:

  • SBS 300: SBS Major ProSeminar: Theory
  • SBS 300L: Professional Skills for the Social Sciences
  • SBS 328: Social Science Theory Module
  • SBS 366: Research Methods for SBS: Quantitative Emphasis
  • SBS 366L: Research Methods for SBS: Quantitative Emphasis Lab
  • One additional SBS research methods course with lab (4 units)
  • SBS 338: Social Psychology
  • SBS 330: Crime and Violence
  • SBS 350: Domination and Resistance: US since 1880 (fulfills American Institutions requirement)
  • At least 10 more units (at least 3 more courses) of advisor-approved 300-level courses in SBS, PSY, HDEV, CHHS, GS, or SW.
  • SBS 400: Senior Capstone Seminar I
  • SBS 404S: Service Learning Capstone (or other approved upper-division service learning course) (4 units) (If different course is taken to meet upper division service learning, student should take SBS 402: Senior Capstone Seminar II instead of SBS 404S: Service Learning Capstone)
  • SBS 405: Assessment Lab/Grad/Srs

Students must also demonstrate second language proficiency through the 201 level. Read more about the Language Proficiency requirement.

Students may select additional elective coursework is necessary to complete 60 units.