The Journalism and Media Studies minor allows you to explore your interests in journalism and media while tailoring your minor curriculum so it can be integrated with many major programs at CSUMB. The minor brings together media theory and journalism skills courses with opportunities for practical application. You will acquire the critical, analytical, writing and research skills to create journalistic products and analyze the mass media.

Required Courses

Complete one of the following:

  • HCOM 389: Otter Realm Workshop
  • HCOM 387: Media Production Lab
  • HCOM 486: Mass Media Internship
  • HCOM 487: Mass Media Internship
  • A student internship at a media outlet such as a newspaper, radio or television station, website publisher, or other media organization

Complete two of the following:

Complete one upper-division course from another department related to journalism and media analysis. This could include CST courses in multimedia or publication design; GS courses in global media; Cinematic Arts courses in storytelling, film, audio, video, or new media production; MPA courses in sound production; or other courses. You must present a rationale that the course is in some way related to their interest in journalism and media analysis.

Learning Outcomes

Basic Competency in Journalistic Writing

Students demonstrate basic skill in the craft of nonfiction writing.

Basic Competency in Journalistic Research

Students demonstrate basic skills in interviewing, information gathering, and analyzing sources of information.

Application of Skills to the Production and Presentation of Journalistic Projects

Students produce a portfolio of journalistic work that may include news stories, Web or print magazine pieces, documentary films, or other journalistic works.

Understanding of Basic Concepts in Media Theory and Media Literacy 

Students demonstrate basic skills in media analysis, including being able to critique a mass media product such as a newspaper, newscast, or news website.