If you entered CSUMB prior to Fall 2012 and you are completing University Learning Requirements, the ULR / GE Crosswalk shows which courses you can take to meet those requirements now.

ULR (before Fall 2012) Course List GE Area Equivalent
English Communication A Approved Courses A1: Oral & Written Communication
English Communication B / Ethics Approved Courses A2 & A3: Oral & Written Communication, Critical Thinking, and Ethics
English Communication C / GWAR Approved Courses A4: Oral & Written Communication, Critical Thinking, and Ethics (GWAR)
Science Content Approved Courses B1: Physical Science*
Science Content Approved Courses B2: Life Science**
Science Methods Approved Courses B3: Laboratory Practices***
Mathematics Communication

Approved Courses

B4: Mathematics
Creative & Artistic Expression

Approved Courses

C1: Arts
Literature & Popular Culture Approved Courses C2: Humanities
Language Approved Courses C3: World Languages & Cultures****
Culture & Equity***** Approved Courses D1: Social Sciences

US Histories/Democratic Participation

Approved Courses D2: US Histories & Democratic Participation
Community Participation Approved Courses D3: Lower Division Service Learning
Upper Division Service Learning Approved Courses D4: Upper Division Service Learning
Vibrancy Theory Approved Courses E: Health & Well Being
Vibrancy Activity Any Kinesiology Activity Course NA
Technology & Information BUS 200: Intro to Business Computing; CHHS 305: Info Mgt for Hlth/Human Srvc; CST 101: Technology Tools; CST 102; CST 103; CST 104: Intro to Info Competency/Tech; CST 430: Technology & Information; ENVS 300L: Read Write Crit Think ENVS Lab; HCOM 300L; SBS 318: Tech for Soc Sci NA

*Student who took PHYS 121: Integrated Physical Science prior to fall 2012 will receive GE credit in areas B1 and B3.

**Students who took BIO 240: Ecology,Evol, Biodiversity, ENVS 201: Intro to Environmental Science, KIN 370: Anatomy & Physiology I, or KIN 371: Anatomy & Physiology II prior to fall 2012 will receive GE credit in Areas B2 and B3.

***Students who took CHEM 110L: Chemistry I Lab prior to fall 2012 will receive GE credit in Area B3.

****Language study begins at the 102 level; only 4 units may be applied to GE, though students must complete through the 201 level to satisfy the University Language Proficiency Requirement. Students who are completing their Language ULR must complete through the 202 level. 

*****An approved Upper Division Service Learning course may also be used to satisfy the Culture & Equity ULR requirement and an MLO through spring 2014.  Students who have completed an UD SL course prior to fall 2012, have met the Culture & Equity requirement.