Extended Education (EE) Fees

Fees are subject to change without notice. Fees for Extended Education are not the same as the standard CSUMB tuition rates and vary for each program. To view fees for a specific program, please view the Extended Education Website.

Extended Education per Credit Rate

(Includes Summer Session, Winter Session and Open University): *$245.00 per credit, plus $39.00 campus fee for each term Student may register for 1 and more credits per term. *per credit rates do not apply to all Extended Education Programs, view Program pages for specific program fees

Extended Education Payments

Students registering for EE courses/programs are to pay fees prior to the first day of class. Prior to paying tuition and fees, however, tuition and fees must be paid prior to the Enrollment Cancellation date for each term (view Progam pages for specific dates) . Tuition and fee payments may be made by cash, check or money order at the Campus Service Center. Payments by check will also be accepted by mail (please do not mail cash or money orders). The cancelled check serves as your receipt. Payments must be made in U.S. dollars only. Unless otherwise noted on the EE Registration Form, Mail payments to: Campus Service Center CSUMB 100 Campus Center Seaside, CA 93955 Students with MyCSUMB access may make payments online within the CSUMB Student Information System. For more information regarding online payments, please visit http://catalog.csumb.edu/general-information/tuition/fees/payment

Third Party Payments

Prior to registration, or your program payment deadline date, a formal agreement/contract by the third party provider (including employer) must be submitted and accepted by the university before you will be eligible to register for your class(es); and program students from being disenrolled from your program class(es).  Please DO NOT submit your student invoice to your third party provider (including employer), the third party provider (including employer) will be directly invoiced by CSUMB. Students are still responsible for all unpaid fees that are not covered by the Third Party provider (including employer).

Extended Education Refund Policy

Refunds are not automatic. All refunds are subject to a $10 processing fee. Refunds are also subject to application to other financial obligations owed the university. Refunds take a minimum of two weeks to process and will be mailed. Students may receive a portion of the tuition fee refunded upon formal withdrawal from class. The Student Accounts Receivable Office calculates pro-rated refunds for all students.

How to receive a full refund:  Drop before the first day of class.

Canceled class refund: If a class is canceled, students will be dropped and a full refund will be allowed.

Other Fee Refunds
Campus fees and health clinic fees are non-refundable unless the class is canceled or you complete the drop process prior to the first day of class.

The length of your course and the date that you drop your course determines the refund percentage.  Select the length of your course below and view the refund rules.

One week classes:  

Drop before the first day of class to receive a refund.

No refunds after the first day of class.

Two week classes:  

Drop prior to the first day of class to receive a full refund, less $10 processing fee

                        1st day of class            = 60%

                        2nd day                        = 40%

                        3rd day                         = no refund


Three and four week classes:  

Drop prior to the first day of class to receive a full refund, less $10 processing fee

                        1st day of class            = 75%

                        2nd day                        = 70%

                        3rd day                         = 67%

                        4th day                         = 63%

                        5th day                         = 59%

                        6th day                         = 55%

                        7th day                         = no refund


Five weeks or longer classes:  

Drop prior to the first day of class to receive a full refund, less $10 processing fee

                         1st day of class           = 75%

                         2nd day                       = 70%

                         3rd day                        = 68%

                         4th day                        = 67%

                         5th day                        = 65%

                         6th day                        = 63%

                         7th day                        = 62%

                         8th day                        = 60%

                         9th day                        = 58%

                        10th day                       = 57%

                        11th day                       = 55%

                        12th day                       = no refund