One of the most prestigious programs of its kind in the nation, the Science Illustration Certificate at California State University, Monterey Bay, prepares students who are sought after by renowned institutions and publications around the world.

Graduates’ work can be found at museums and science centers such as the Smithsonian Institution, New York’s American Museum of Natural History, California Science Center and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History; in top science magazines such as National Geographic, Scientific American, American Scientist, Nature, Natural History and Audubon; at zoos, aquaria, and botanical gardens such as the National Zoo, Washington, D.C., the Monterey Bay Aquarium; Kew Botanical Gardens, U.K.; as well as U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and hundreds of equally respected organizations.

Required Courses

  • SICP 501: Introduction to Science Illustration (4 units)
  • SICP 502: Field Sketching (4 units)
  • SICP 503: Introduction to Digital Media (4 units)
  • SICP 512: Special Topics in Science Illustration (4 units)
  • SICP 504: Science Illustration in Color (4 units)
  • SICP 505: Applied Techniques in Natural Science Illustration (4 units)
  • SICP 506: Advanced Techniques in Color Science Illustration (4 units)
  • SICP 508: Design of Graphics for Motion, Web, and Print (4 units)
  • SICP 507: Exhibit Preparation and Portfolio Development (4 units)
  • SICP 509: Botanical Illustration (4 units)
  • SICP 510: Zoological Illustration (4 units)
  • SICP 511: Applied Integration of Digital Media (4 units)
  • SICP 513: Internship (6 units)

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