The CS online degree completion program from California State University, Monterey Bay offers a unique blend of computer science theory and hands-on information technology practice, with a concentration in software engineering. This combination results in graduates prepared to participate in the fast-paced information economy in jobs such as Mobile App Developer, Software Engineer, or Technology Project Manager.

Information regarding admission requirements and special tuition and fee structure for this program can be found on the School of Computing and Design website.

Prerequisites and graduation requirements for major ~ 32 units

The following prerequisites and graduation requirements are courses that are not part of the standard CS Online Course Sequence offered at CSUMB and may need to be taken at a local community college or university:

Computer Science Courses

  • CST 231: Problm-Solving/Programng (4 units) (required for admission)
  • CST 234: Intro to Operating Systems (4 units)
  • CST 237: Intro to Computer Architecture (4 units)
  • CST 238: Introduction to Data Structures (4 units) (required for admission)

Math Courses

  • MATH 130: Precalculus (5 units) (required for admission)
  • MATH 150: Calculus I (4 units)
  • MATH 151: Calculus II (4 units) (or MATH 270: Mathematics for Computing (4 units))
  • MATH 170: Discrete Mathematics (4 units)

The following courses are required for CS majors who have been accepted into the CS Online Degree Completion program.

Complete all of the following online courses:

  • CST 300: Major ProSeminar (4 units)
  • CST 205: Multimedia Design and Programming (4 units)
  • CST 363: Introduction to Database Systems (4 units)
  • CST 338: Software Design (4 units)
  • CST 311: Intro to Computer Networks (4 units)
  • CST 336: Internet Programming (4 units)
  • CST 361S: Technology Tutors (5 units)
  • CST 325: Graphics Programming (4 units)
  • CST 370: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (4 units)
  • CST 438: Software Engineering (4 units)
  • CST 499: Directed Group Capstone (4 units)

General Education

The State of California also requires completion of a 48 unit General Education Breadth program, including 9 credits of upper division GE (CST 300 and CST 361S) in order to meet graduation requirements.


Students may need to complete additional electives to fulfill the 120 units required for graduation.

More Information

For more information on the program, please visit, complete an inquiry form, or contact Kayla Rolicheck at