E: Health & Well Being

Students shall take no more than four lower-division courses with the same subject prefix as their major to fulfill their general education requirements.


Health and Well Being at CSUMB is the integration of psychological, physiological, and sociological domains across the lifespan (or in more than one phase of the lifespan) encompassing such areas as physical activity, nutrition, stress management, substance use, sexuality, mental health, human behavior, social relationships, environmental health as it affects individuals, and spirituality as related to well being.

  1. Students express knowledge of evidence-based health and well-being theories and practices and critically examine information about them.
  2. Students identify pathways for optimal health and well being including examination of benefits and risks about personal behavior choices.
  3. Students apply principles and behavior that promote lifelong, optimal personal health and well being.
  4. Students relate concepts and theories to socially responsible and culturally sensitive practices to promote health and well being.