Tuition & Fees ~ Financial Aid Fee Deferrals

The last day to apply for financial aid and receive a fee deferral for each semester is noted in the academic year calendar. Fees will be deferred until your financial aid is received or until the end date indicated, whichever is earlier. You should call the Campus Service Center or check the CSUMB.EDU/calendar webpages to obtain the current fee deferral end date.

If your financial aid is insufficient to cover the fees that are due, you must pay the fee balance within 10 days of the disbursement of the financial aid. A $20 late fee will be charged and a Business and Finance hold will be placed on your academic records if you have an account balances after the fee deferment end date.

Financial aid recipients wanting to defer payment for a parking permit may do so if aid has not been disbursed to their account at the time of the request.