Tuition & Fees ~ Student Health Insurance

If you live on campus or you are a foreign visa student (whether or not you reside on the CSUMB campus), you must have health insurance coverage. If you already have medical insurance, you must provide evidence of coverage by completing an insurance waiver form and returning it to the Office of Residential Life when you move on campus (or at the time of registration if you are a foreign visa student not living on campus). If you do not have medical insurance prior to coming to CSUMB, you must purchase medical insurance.

CSUMB sponsors student health insurance through Somerton Student Insurance Company. For more information, you can obtain a pamphlet from the Campus Service Center, the Office of Residential Life, or the Campus Health Center. You can also contact Somerton Student Insurance directly:

Please note that the Campus Health Center and Student Health Insurance are separate programs. You may still use the CHC whether or not you are covered by CSUMB-sponsored student health insurance.