Officially adopted on September 27, 1994, the CSUMB Vision Statement created the philosophical foundation for the university. Ever since, it has guided decisions regarding programs, policies, practices, personnel, campus environment, funding and more. What drives us closer to our Vision gets prioritized. Anything that undermines the Vision is viewed as unacceptable. To truly understand CSUMB, we encourage you to read the Vision. If you share its core values and academic goals, then CSUMB should prove to be a perfect place for you to learn, work and live.

Academic Goals and Core Values

We have identified seven broad academic goals and seven core academic values based on the Vision. These provide a common focus for our General Education offerings, undergraduate majors, graduate degree programs, teaching certification programs and informal enrichment opportunities.

Academic Goals
  • Effective and ethical communication in at least two languages with widely diverse audiences
  • Cross-culturally competent citizenship in a pluralistic and global society
  • Technological, aural and visual literacy
  • Creative expression in the service of transforming culture
  • Ethics, social justice and care for one another
  • Scientific sophistication and value for the earth and earth systems
  • Holistic and creative sense of self
Core Values
  • Applied, active and project-based learning activities
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Multicultural and global perspectives
  • Technological sophistication
  • Service learning
  • Ethical reflection and practice
  • Collaboration
CSUMB Strategic Plan and Mission

The CSUMB Strategic Plan operationalizes the CSUMB Vision Statement, defining outcomes to be targeted so that the university can further actualize that Vision while going about the daily business of educating students for life in the 21st century. These major goals are meant to identify what must be achieved by the university, in the broadest sense. They are:

  1. Increase Student Success
    CSUMB students will develop foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities that allow them to effect meaningful change in society.
  2. Continue to Develop as a Comprehensive University
    CSUMB will meet the needs of students, the region, and the state and develop programs that address current and emerging issues by providing a strong scholarship core, distinguished by a commitment to access, student support, and cultural competence.
  3. Increase Institutional Capacity
    CSUMB will have the institutional capacity to support its constituencies as reflected in the Vision
  4. Hire and Retain High Quality Faculty and Staff
    CSUMB hires, develops, and retains faculty and staff to ensure it fulfills its mission

The Strategic Plan also defines the CSUMB Mission Statement:

To build a multicultural learning community founded on academic excellence from which all partners in the educational process emerge prepared to contribute productively, responsibly, and ethically to California and the global community.