General Inquiries

Directory Services

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  • CSUMB.EDU/az

If you are neither a member of the current CSUMB campus community nor a future student (or someone helping a future student), then you should call the automated Campus Switchboard. The menu will help you connect with the most appropriate campus office based on the nature of your inquiry. If you know the name of the person or office that you need to connect with, you can use the Automated Directory feature or look up contact information online using the CSUMB.EDU/az webpages.

Future Students

Office of Admissions

Office of Admissions provides CSUMB information to interested students and the family members, counselors, teachers, and others who guide them as they select a university. If you are a prospective student or someone helping one, Admissions will either provide requested information or connect you with the most appropriate campus office.

Current CSUMB Campus Community

Campus Service Center

The Campus Service Center serves current CSUMB campus community members-students, staff, and faculty. The CSC provides forms, information, and front counter support for Office of Admissions, Records, Financial Aid, Cashiers, and University Human Resources. Campus community members can pay fees, add classes, pick up parking permits and Otter Cards (ID cards), and complete a variety of other transactions. If you are a current member of the CSUMB campus community, the Campus Service Center will either provide you with requested information or connect you with the most appropriate campus office.

Availability of Institutional and Financial Assistance Information

Future students and the family members, counselors, teachers, and others who support them may obtain the following information by contacting Office of Admissions. Current members of the CSUMB community may obtain this information by contacting the Campus Service Center.

The following information concerning student financial assistance:

  1. A description of the federal, state, institutional, local, and private student financial assistance programs available to you at CSUMB
  2. For each aid program, a description of procedures and forms by which you apply for assistance, student eligibility requirements, criteria for selecting recipients from the group of eligible applicants, and criteria for determining the amount of your award
  3. A description of your rights and responsibilities if receiving financial assistance, including federal Title IV student assistance programs, and criteria for your continued eligibility under each program
  4. The satisfactory academic progress standards that you must maintain for the purpose of receiving financial assistance and criteria by which you may reestablish eligibility for financial assistance if you have failed to maintain satisfactory progress
  5. The method by which financial assistance disbursements will be made to you and the frequency of those disbursements
  6. The terms of any loan received as part of your financial aid package, a sample loan repayment schedule, and the necessity for repaying loans
  7. The general conditions and terms applicable to any employment provided as part of your financial aid package
  8. The responsibility of CSUMB for providing and collecting exit counseling information for all student borrowers under the federal student loan programs
  9. The terms and conditions for deferral of your loan payments for qualifying service under the Peace Corps Act, the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973, or comparable volunteer community service.

Information concerning the cost of attending CSUMB including fees and tuition (where applicable); the estimated costs of books and supplies; estimates of typical student room, board, and transportation costs; and, if requested, additional costs for specific programs

Information concerning the refund policies of CSUMB for the return of unearned tuition and fees or other refundable portions of institutional charges

Information concerning policies regarding the return of federal Title IV student assistance funds as required by regulation

Information regarding special facilities and services available to students with disabilities

Information concerning CSUMB policies, procedures, and facilities for students and others to report criminal actions or other emergencies

Information concerning CSUMB's annual campus security report

Information concerning the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation programs

Information regarding student retention and graduation rates at CSUMB and, if available, the number and percentage of students completing the program in which they have enrolled or have expressed interest

Information concerning athletic opportunities available to male and female students and the financial resources and personnel that CSUMB dedicates to its men's and women's teams

Information concerning teacher preparation programs at CSUMB, including the pass rate on teacher certification examinations

Information concerning grievance procedures for students who feel aggrieved in their relationships with the university; its policies, practices, and procedures; or its faculty and staff

Information on CSUMB.EDU Websites

You will find a great deal of information about CSUMB on the multitude of CSUMB.EDU websites. Because the CSUMB.EDU domain includes both official and unofficial pages with a large number of offices maintaining the information in different ways, you should confirm the currency and authoritativeness of any content by checking the revision date and publishing office. These are typically noted in the footer of each page.