Records & Registration ~ Registration

CSUMB strives to make the registration experience as smooth as possible. The registration process includes fee payment, academic advising, and class enrollment. All academic and financial holds must be reconciled to be eligible for registration.

Academic Advising

To complete the academic advising process, you should:

  • Review the CSUMB.EDU/catalog and CSUMB.EDU/schedule websites for important information regarding CSUMB's outcomes-based curriculum, University Learning Requirements (ULRs), Major Learning Outcomes (MLOs), assessment, and other key components of academic life at CSUMB.
  • Find current class offerings on the CSUMB.EDU/schedule website; check their descriptions and prerequisites by clicking on the course title or a course description link; and cross-reference them with ULR and MLO requirements as listed on the CSUMB.EDU/catalog website.
  • Visit the CSUMB.EDU/register website, select Planner Web, and follow the instructions to check ULR status, submit a proposed schedule of classes, gain advisor approval, and obtain instructor approvals if required.
Class Enrollment

You will receive a registration notification indicating eligibility to register, residency status, registration holds, and assigned registration time. If eligible, you may register online [CSUMB.EDU/register] at or after your assigned registration time.

Late Registration

You can register late with approval of individual instructors through the second week of the semester. A late fee will apply. Forms are available at the Campus Service Center in Building 47 or on its CSUMB.EDU/csc website.

Adds and Drops

The responsibility for adding and dropping any course rests solely with you. CSUMB will determine and publish the course adjustment periods available to you. These periods may vary based on the time of year a course is offered, the format in which a course is offered, or other appropriate variables. Course adjustment periods will be posted on the Academic Calendar webpages.

You may add courses within the schedule adjustment period with the approval of the instructor. Beyond the schedule adjustment period you may petition the appropriate instructor to add a course. All courses added after the course adjustment period must be reviewed by the college dean for approval.

You may drop courses during the schedule adjustment period without approval of the instructor. During the Late add/drop period, you may drop courses for serious and compelling reasons with the approval of the instructor. A grade of "W" will appear on your transcript for courses dropped during or after the late add/drop period.

Instructors may give up your place in class if you do not attend or contact the instructor by the second meeting of the course. The course will not appear on your transcript when the instructor drops you for nonattendance during the schedule adjustment period.

Cancellation of Registration or Withdrawal from the Institution

If you find it necessary to cancel your registration or to withdraw from all classes after enrolling for any academic term, you must follow the university's official withdrawal procedures. Failure to follow formal university procedures may result in an obligation to pay fees as well as the assignment of failing grades in all courses and the need to apply for readmission before being permitted to enroll in another academic term. Information on canceling registration and withdrawal procedures is available from:

Campus Service Center

To withdraw, you begin the process by contacting the Campus Service Center. The date of contact determines your withdrawal initiation date. The Financial Aid Office will use this date to determine if any repayment of financial aid will be required. To formally withdraw from the institution, you must complete the withdrawal process by submitting the withdrawal form, with all required signatures and clearances, to Records & Registration.

If you wish to withdraw from CSUMB after the schedule adjustment period, you may do so for documented serious and compelling reasons (e.g. death in the immediate family, medical complications, and legal actions). A grade of W will appear on your transcript for all courses dropped after the schedule adjustment period.

If you receive financial aid funds, you must consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from the university regarding any required return or repayment of grant or loan assistance received for that academic term or payment period. If you are a recipient of student financial aid funds and you withdraw from the institution during an academic term or a payment period, the amount of grant or loan assistance received may be subject to return or repayment provisions.

Note: Adopted at the California State University system level and mandated for inclusion in all CSU campus catalogs , gray-colored text applies to all 23 campuses in the system. Black text pertains uniquely to CSUMB.