Mathematics, B. S. ~ Faculty and Student Quotes

Mathematics is a form of communication that complements natural language as a tool for describing, defining, expressing, and answering questions about the natural world. Mathematics is a compact, carefully defined symbolic language that facilitates modeling, solving, and communicating problems from a wide variety of disciplines, not only science and technology.
~ Donald Pierce, Department Chair

My passion and pursuit of knowledge in mathematics grew solely out of the way in which mathematics is taught here by the Mathematics & Statistics Department.
~ Dan Atwater, Alamo, California

The math department at CSUMB is led by a solid group of enthusiastic and professional mathematicians. I took calculus here with one of the department heads, Don Pierce. I recall him always taking time to clearly illustrate concepts in class and during office hours. We students were made to feel involved and the professor challenged us to think critically during lecture. I also looked forward to attending the labs—with small class sizes—where students are able to work together and learn hands-on how theory applies to reality. Now that the school is offering both math major and minor programs this makes me wish I had more time to spend here. Even so, the young math club seems off to a good start and this adds to my enjoying being a math student here.
~ Josh Salisbury, San Rafael, California


Revised 5/26/05