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The words of our students best summarize the value of our Global Studies major:

The professors at CSUMB challenge students to think critically to uncover the roots of the prevailing worldview and integrate equality, nature, economics, and imagination into feasible solutions. ~ Julie Conrad 

Through its diverse courses, unique learning experiences, and endless opportunities, Global Studies has molded me into a more aware and capable individual, providing me with the skills and knowledge necessary to actively participate in our ever-changing global community. ~ Laurel Murdock

How does an evolving human community survive in the present day world? The answer lies in Global Studies. Your eyes will be opened... I promise. ~ Jeffrey Barcinas

You will find all of the official information about the Global Studies B.A. right here. Simply use the left-side navigation.

For more detailed information including a look at student work, faculty bios, projects, and events, please visit the Global Studies Department website.


Revised 5/6/05