CSU System ~ Trustees

Ex Officio Trustees

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Governor of California 
State Capitol
Sacramento 95814

The Honorable Cruz Bustamante 
Lieutenant Governor of California
State Capitol

Sacramento 95814

The Honorable Fabian Núñez
Speaker of the Assembly 
State Capitol
Sacramento 95814

The Honorable Jack O’Connell 
State Superintendent of Public Instruction 
721 Capitol Mall
Sacramento 95814

Dr. Charles B. Reed 
Chancellor of the California State University 
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach 90802-4210

Officers of the Trustees

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Murray Galinson 

Roberta Achtenberg
Vice Chair

Richard P. West

Christine Helwick

Appointed Trustees

Appointments are for a term of eight years, except student, alumni, and faculty trustees whose terms are for two years. Terms expire in the year in parentheses. Names are listed alphabetically.
Roberta Achtenberg (2007)

Larry Adamson (2005)

Jeffrey Bleich (2010)

Herbert L. Carter (2011)

Carol Chandler (2012)

Moctesuma Esparza (2008)

Debra S. Farar (2006)

Robert Foster (2006)

Murray L. Galinson (2007)

George Gowgani (2010)

Eric Guerra (2005)

William Hauck (2009)

Raymond W. Holdsworth Jr. (2011)

Ricardo F. Icaza (2008)

Corey A. Jackson (2006)

Kathleen Kaiser (2005)

Shailesh J. Mehta (2005)

Melina Guzman Moore (2012)

Kyriakos Tsakopoulos (2009)

Anthony M. Vitti (2005)

Correspondence with Trustees should be sent:

c/o Trustees Secretariat
The California State University
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, California 90802-4210


Note: Adopted at the California State University system level and mandated for inclusion in all CSU campus catalogs , gray-colored text applies to  all 23 campuses in the system. Black text pertains uniquely to CSUMB.

Revised 6/2/05