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CSUMB reserves the right to make changes in its Class Schedule without notice.

Schedule-Related News

Beginning with the Fall 2005 semester, CSUMB will no longer print paper schedules in mass quantities for several reasons:

  1. Most of the 4,000 schedules printed each semester were never used, resulting in a needless waste of paper. Thus, eliminating mass printing represents an environmentally responsible measure.
  2. Given the advance timeframe necessary to generate a print schedule in time for students to plan and register, the information contained in the paper schedule has been significantly outdated by the time the schedules have been distributed. Delivering up-to-date class schedule information online minimizes the potential for planning based on outdated information.
  3. Given that the planning and registration process has all been moved online in recent years, delivering schedule information only online represents a seamless connection rather than a disconnect between a paper guide and digital process.

Those wanting to print schedule information can still do so by visiting the online listing of classes, selecting each prefix desired, then printing from their browser. In the interest of avoiding paper waste though, we encourage online viewing of the class listings rather than printing.

If you need a PDF file or printed copy of the entire schedule due to unique needs, please contact Marketing & Publications indicating your name, CSUMB affiliation (e.g. student, prospective student, faculty member) and special circumstances. Also, please provide your email address for delivery of a PDF file or mailing address for delivery of a paper copy.


Revised 4/1/05