The Chicanx Studies Minor provides you with an interdisciplinary course of study focusing on the experiences of people of Latin American descent in the United States, especially those from Mexico. Courses immerse you within the dynamic fields of Chicanx Studies and Latinx Studies, facilitating your acquisition of the critical knowledge and skills necessary to competently serve the diverse populations of our multicultural society and advance the cause of social justice.

The Chicanx Studies Minor complements most majors offered at CSUMB by providing in-depth preparation for work with and in culturally diverse communities. In nurturing a base of knowledge concerning this distinct population, it prepares you for a wide range of work in service to Chicanx communities.

Required Courses

The Chicanx Studies Minor requires you to take 16 academic units in fulfillment of five learning outcomes. The general pathway for students pursuing the Chicanx Studies Minor is below:

Complete ONE of the following courses:

  • HCOM 345: Chicanx Life & Culture (4 units)
  • HCOM 455: Paradigms Of Chicanx Comm (4 units)

Complete THREE of the following courses:

  • HCOM 328: Latina Life Stories (4 units)
  • HCOM 344: Chicana/Latina Experiences (4 units)
  • HCOM 365: Chicanx Latinx History (4 units)
  • HCOM 428: Contemporary Chicana Poetry (4 units)
  • HCOM 446
  • HCOM 451: Transnational Migrations (4 units)
  • HCOM 455: Paradigms Of Chicanx Comm (4 units)
  • LS 310: Educational Issues and the Latino Community (4 units)
  • SPAN 308: Hist/Cultr Aztlan:SW US (4 units)
  • SPAN 365: The Chicano Narrative (4 units)
  • SPAN 370: The Chicano Community (4 units)
  • SBS 320S
  • SBS 325: Art of the Aztec Empire (4 units)
  • SBS 384S: Anthropology of Education: Cultural Contexts of Bilingual Education (6 units) AND SBS 384L
  • VPA 347: Chicana/o-Black Art (4 units)

Learning Outcomes

LO 1: Theoretical Inquiry and Analysis

Students will be able to analyze major theories, paradigms, and methods used to study Chicanx and Latinx communities and apply them in a research project.

LO 2: Cultural Interpretation

Students will be able to critically examine and interpret cultural expressions of Chicanx and Latinx communities within a critical context.

LO 3: Historical and Political Formations

Students will be able to evaluate the historical experiences of the Chicanx and Latinx people within the structures of the United States.

LO 4: Identity and Contemporary Social Formations

Students will be able to critically analyze how Chicanx and Latinx identities and cultural practices are socially constructed from within specific contexts and lived experiences.

LO 5: Community Leadership and Practice

Students will be able to apply their knowledge of Chicanx and Latinx experiences toward advancing the cause of social justice.