Graduation Learning Outcomes

Each CSU creates a set of graduation requirements unique to that campus. At CSUMB, this unique set of Graduation Learning Outcomes comprises three of the 13 University Learning Requirements and upper-division service learning.

  • Culture and Equity ULR
  • Language ULR
  • Technology Information ULR 
  • Upper-Division Service Learning
    CSUMB requires you to take an upper-division service learning course in your major, applying discipline-specific skills and knowledge to community issues and examining issues of service and social responsibility that relate to your career field. You satisfy the upper-division service learning requirement by passing a course in the major that carries an S suffix. You will find specifics regarding this requirement in each major's description in the Majors section of this catalog. You can also read descriptions of the upper-division courses that include a service learning component by looking for the S suffix (e.g., HCOM 432S) in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog.

Revised  4/20/05