Records & Registration ~ Cancellation of Registration or Withdrawal from the Institution

If you find it necessary to cancel your registration or to withdraw from all classes after enrolling for any academic term, you must follow the university’s official withdrawal procedures. Failure to follow formal university procedures may result in an obligation to pay fees as well as the assignment of failing grades in all courses and the need to apply for readmission before being permitted to enroll in another academic term. Information on canceling registration and withdrawal procedures is available from:

Records & Registration

  • Building 47
    100 Campus Center
    Seaside, CA 93955-8001
  • 831-582-5100

If you receive financial aid funds, you must consult with the CSUMB Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from the university regarding any required return or repayment of grant or loan assistance received for that academic term or payment period. If you are a recipient of student financial aid funds and you withdraw from the institution during an academic term or a payment period, the amount of grant or loan assistance received may be subject to return or repayment provisions.