Stephen Reed

Interim Vice President for University Advancement

Stephen Reed has served CSU Monterey Bay since its founding in 1994, joining the campus planning team initially as Director of Government and Community Relations. Reed was responsible for creating the University Advancement unit, hiring the first professionals who served in the news and public information unit, the alumni and special events staff, the publications staff, and development personnel. 

Founding president Peter Smith promoted Reed to Associate Vice President, University Advancement and Special Assistant to the President in 1997. Reed is currently acting as Interim Vice President for University Advancement.

Prior to joining the CSU Monterey Bay staff, Reed worked for the University of California for 15 years, first as Director of Government Relations at UC Santa Cruz, and later as Senior Legislative Analyst for the UC Office of the President.

Reed served the Executive Office of the President in the Carter White House on the advance staff, planning domestic and foreign presidential visits. He was an Account Executive at the Daniel J. Edelman Public Relations firm in Los Angeles after graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

Reed's extensive governmental relationships in Sacramento and Washington have helped keep CSUMB in touch with current legislation, public policy, and budgetary advocacy. On reflecting on his rich and exciting career, including managing high-level state and national political campaigns, Stephen views his efforts and contributions to CSUMB as "an opportunity of a lifetime."