Human Movement: Adapted Physical Activity Minor ~ Overview

This minor provides you with the expertise to teach students who have been mainstreamed into classrooms. You will learn to provide an environment for children to learn at their own pace alongside peers. You will gain expertise in assessing and adapting movement, and skill in facilitating societal changes for equal access, integration and inclusion, lifespan wellness, movement success, empowerment and self-actualization, and academic success.

Teachers with adapted physical activity and human movement training teach and help children in ways that may keep students out of the special education system altogether. There are always children within any classroom who can benefit from a teacher's knowledge of motor behavior and the learning process.

Integration with Majors

The Human Movement Minor benefits your preparation for elementary school teaching, social work, child advocacy, mental health work, group-home work, the fitness profession, family counseling, coaching, outdoor education, and other fields that impact special children and their families. You gain a working knowledge of the legal mandates in special education and build skills in Individual Education Plan (IEP) development for the special child.

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Human Performance and Wellness, B.S.

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