Visual and Public Art, B.A. ~ Learning Environment

As a VPA student  you will work in state-of-the-arts facilities with a unique mural studio and a 3D sculpture studio equipped with metal, woodworking, ceramics, welding, and sandblasting capacity.

Facilities for photography and digital art give you opportunities to create public art on campus and in nearby communities. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with local community organizations through the Reciprocal University for the Arts Project sponsored by the Visual and Public Art Department and Music and Performing Arts Department. 

The VPA major synthesizes a connection between the studio and the community. Developing your skills and portfolios, as a VPA student you will participate in the creation of individual and collaborative work, public art projects, and onsite work in local communities, museums, and schools. VPA engages you in a process of ethical inquiry, self-reflection, and reciprocal community interaction. This learning takes place in the context of art as a powerful tool for personal growth and social empowerment.


Revised 5/9/05