College of Professional Studies

The mission of the College of Professional Studies is to:

  • Provide excellent undergraduate, preservice, and graduate education programs that are learning-centered, interdisciplinary, collaborative, and oriented toward social justice and diversity.
  • Foster students of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values that are essential to professional competence and quality of personal life in our dynamic, pluralistic, and technological society by engaging them
    in active learning experiences in a variety
    of school, community, and business contexts.
  • Build and sustain partnerships and linkages with preK-12 schools, other colleges and universities, community organizations, agencies, businesses, and historically marginalized communities to bring knowledge and experience that increase the college’s capacity to provide high-quality, innovative academic programs that meet the educational needs of our students, the region, and the state in the fields of education, business, public policy, health, human services, and human performance and wellness.

Revised 7/6/05