Financial Aid ~ Revision

Financial aid revisions will be made in the following cases:

  • If you receive additional resources such as scholarships, Cal Grants, or stipends
  • If you reduce unit enrollment
  • If you do not indicate your correct housing status on your Award Letter
  • If you withdraw from all courses
  • If your appeal for revision is granted
Withdrawal from Courses

CSUMB has policies for the refund of student fees and repayment of aid in the case of withdrawals.

Registration fees will only be fully refunded if you drop all courses prior to the first day of instruction. Please see the Tuition/Fees section of the CSUMB Catalog for further information about the fee refund policy. If you receive financial aid, you are not eligible for a refund of fees as the amount must be returned to the applicable financial aid program.

If a financial aid student and you withdraw from CSUMB, you must repay any unearned portion of aid received for the term. The amount of financial aid earned is calculated by determining the percentage of the term completed. After determining the amounts of aid to be refunded or repaid, the funds must be distributed back to financial aid according to a specific order of priority prescribed in federal regulations. The order of distribution is federal loans; federal grants; and then other federal, state, or institutional aid.

Additional information is available upon request from the CSUMB Financial Aid Office.

Student Appeal for Revision

If you feel that you have extenuating financial circumstances that warrant a review of your financial aid, you may choose to appeal. You should contact the Campus Service Center to obtain the appropriate forms.


Revised 7/1/05