Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures Minor ~ Overview

Like our WLC Spanish major, the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures Minor entails a rather high level of language proficiency and requires a fairly reasonable understanding of the Hispanic cultures. Aside from having to attain and demonstrate intermediate-high level proficiency in the Spanish language  (according to ACTFL guidelines), you also attain a basic understanding of the philosophical perspectives (ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and values), behavioral practices (patterns of social interactions), customs, and creative patterns (literature, art, music, etc.) of the Hispanic cultures addressed by your learning experiences.

Integration with Majors

As career preparation and enhancement, the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures Minor integrates well with most other CSUMB majors, especially Human Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences, the arts, Liberal Studies, teacher preparation, Business Administration, and Health and Human Services.

Virtually all courses required or recommended for this minor are also central to the WLC Spanish major.  Thus, you constantly interact and engage with WLC Spanish majors. 

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Online Components

Several courses are occasionally offered online.

Associated Major

World Languages and Cultures, B.A.

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