Mathematics Minor ~ Overview

We are committed to serving students with diverse backgrounds and goals by providing innovative curriculum and dynamic learning environments in order to prepare them for a wide variety of careers that require quantitative skills.

Mathematics is a science of patterns and, as such, is particularly well suited for describing, defining, expressing and answering questions about the natural world. Mathematics gives us a methodology for the collection and organization of data, as well as models and techniques that allow us to analyze and make predictions. It is through an understanding of mathematics that we comprehend and impose meaning on our observations of the physical world.

Integration with Majors

Mathematics courses will give you a valuable advantage in any career in which advanced quantitative and reasoning skills are needed. These skills are particularly relevant to employment and graduate study in technical fields. Mathematics is not only the language of science and technology, but it also provides a set of tools for data analysis, problem solving, and methods of thinking that are extremely valuable in any academic discipline.

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Mathematics, B.S.

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