The Visual & Public Art minor builds skills in painting, sculpture and photography. Using studio and community art approaches, students will address critical issues of social and cultural significance. Through the creation of individual and collaborative work, students engage in a process of ethical inquiry, self-reflection, and reciprocal community service. The program builds skills in ethical judgment, social perspective, and cross-cultural empathy.

Required Courses

Complete ONE of the following courses:

  • VPA 307: Diverse History of Contemporary Art (4 units)
  • VPA 308: Ways Of Seeing (4 units)

Complete the following course:

Complete TWO of the following courses:

  • VPA 301: Beginning Painting (4 units)
  • VPA 303: Beginning Sculpture (4 units)
  • VPA 310: Mixed Media (4 units)
  • VPA 315: Life Drawing (4 units)
  • VPA 316: Photography as Art (2 units)

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 2

Students will develop the ability to research, define, analyze, and critically formulate positions on contemporary issues in visual and public art.

Learning Outcome 3

Students will develop the ability to creatively image and technically produce artworks or projects.

Learning Outcome 4

Students will develop the ability to assess, critique, and analyze community, audience relevancy and impact of artwork.