Ex Officio Trustees

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
Governor of California
The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor of California
The Honorable Anthony Rendon
Speaker of the Assembly
The Honorable Tom Torlakson
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dr. Timothy P. White
Chancellor of the California State University

Officers of the Trustees

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr. ~ President

Rebecca D. Eisen ~ Chair

Adam Day ~ Vice Chair

Andrew Jones ~ Secretary

Steve Relyea ~ Treasurer

Appointed Trustees

Appointments are for a term of eight years, except student, alumni, and faculty trustees whose terms are for two years. Terms expire in the year in parentheses. Names are listed alphabetically.

Silas Abrego (2021)

Adam Day (2023)

Douglas Faigin (2017)

Jean P. Firstenberg (2018)

Lilian Kimbell (2024)

Hugo N. Morales (2020)

J. Lawrence Norton (2019)

Romey Sabalius (2019)

Jane W. Carney (2022)

Rebecca D. Eisen (2018)

Debra S. Farar (2022)

Emily Hinton (2019)

Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana (2017)

John Nilon (2018)

Jorge Reyes Salinas (2018)

Lateefah Simon (2019)

Peter J. Taylor (2021)


Correspondence with Trustees should be sent to:

c/o Trustees SecretariatThe California State University401 Golden ShoreLong Beach, California 90802-4210