Students studying media and journalism in the 21st century are both producers and consumers of content. Our unique program emphasizes the necessity for media professionals to engage in their geographic and interest-based communities. Courses in the Journalism and Media Studies minor will prepare you for careers in multi-platform journalism, the media industry, social media, public relations, academia, and more, while building and broadening your skills in engaging multiple publics and telling their stories in ethical, inclusive ways to foster dialogue and community building.

Required Courses

Complete ONE of the following Media Law and Ethics courses:

  • HCOM 309: Interracial Communication (4 units)
  • HCOM 310: Free Speech & Responsibility (4 units)
  • HCOM 316: Media Ethics (4 units)
  • HCOM 410: Public Relations Ethics and Practices (4 units)
  • HCOM 411: Media Law and Policy (4 units)

Complete ONE of the following Introductory Storytelling/Theory courses:

  • HCOM 305: Introduction to Mass Communication (4 units)
  • HCOM 315: Media for Social Change (4 units)
  • HCOM 371: Community Journalism Studies (4 units)
  • HCOM 373: Introduction to Public Relations (4 units)
  • HCOM 385: Reporting (4 units)
  • HCOM 387: Media Production Lab (4 units)

Complete ONE of the following Intermediate Storytelling/Theory courses:

  • HCOM 319: Global Communication and Culture (4 units)
  • HCOM 328: Latina Life Stories (4 units)
  • HCOM 334: Fiction/Creative NonFiction Writing (4 units)
  • HCOM 349: Environmental Philosophy and Communication (4 units)
  • HCOM 361: Crime and Communities (4 units)
  • HCOM 370: Media and the Military (4 units)
  • HCOM 383: Genres of Social Justice Writing (4 units)
  • HCOM 390: Magazine Writing (4 units)
  • HCOM 397: Independent Study (1-6 units)
  • HCOM 486: Mass Media Internship (4 units)
  • HCOM 487: Mass Media Internship (2 units)
  • HCOM 497: Independent Study (1-6 units)
  • CART 303: Media, Power, and Society (4 units)
  • CART 330: Cinematic Storytelling (4 units)
  • CART 361: Intro to Editing (4 units)
  • GS 340: Social Media and Global Communication (4 units)
  • VPA 305: Media Culture (4 units)

Complete ONE of the following Advanced Storytelling/Theory courses:

  • HCOM 424: Latin American Media and Pop Culture (4 units)
  • HCOM 434: Creative Publishing and Critical Storytelling (4 units)
  • HCOM 435: Community Media Project (4 units)
  • HCOM 488: Investigative Reporting (4 units)

Learning Outcomes

Basic Competency in Journalistic Writing

Students demonstrate basic skill in the craft of nonfiction writing.

Basic Competency in Journalistic Research

Students demonstrate basic skills in interviewing, information gathering, and analyzing sources of information.

Application of Skills to the Production and Presentation of Journalistic Projects

Students produce a portfolio of journalistic work that may include news stories, Web or print magazine pieces, documentary films, or other journalistic works.

Understanding of Basic Concepts in Media Theory and Media Literacy

Students demonstrate basic skills in media analysis, including being able to critique a mass media product such as a newspaper, newscast, or news website.