Applying to Graduate

All baccalaureate and graduate degree seeking students must apply for graduation during the filing period for the term in which all degree requirements will be completed.

A graduation application/diploma fee is due at the time that you submit your application. Late applications submitted after the final application deadline will be reviewed at the end of the graduation term during final degree verification processing.

The application process should begin with a meeting with your faculty or undergraduate academic advisor to review your online degree audit information. If you are completing alternate approved courses (substitutions) to clear major/minor requirements, online substitution authorizations should be submitted by the appropriate faculty advisor. Applications are reviewed by a graduation counselor in date received order and students will be notified by campus email when their online academic requirements report has been updated. Again, students who file graduation applications after the posted application deadline will have their records reviewed at the end of the graduation term.

If you are a master's degree candidate, you must also have your Advancement to Candidacy form on file in the Office of the Registrar prior to the term in which you will apply to graduate.

An explanation of the official graduation application process and filing deadlines/fees can be found on the Classes & Planning webpage under the heading: Apply to Graduate.

Graduation Application Filing Period

See the Deadline and Fees webpage for specific filing dates and fee information for the current academic year. CSUMB confers degrees in Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.

Document Deadlines

All required documentation, such as transcripts or grade changes must be submitted by the document deadlines.

  • For the Fall graduation term the deadline is the last business day of February.
  • For the Spring graduation term the deadline is the last business day of July.
  • For the Summer graduation term the deadline is the last business day of September.


CSUMB issues diplomas following the final degree check processing period for each official graduation term. Your diploma will be mailed to the permanent address listed in CMS Student/HR approximately four months after the graduation term to which you applied, once all degree requirements have been met and verified. If you would like to pick up your diploma, contact before the end of your graduation term.

Commencement Ceremony

CSUMB holds its annual commencement ceremony each year during the month of May. Participation in this celebration of educational achievement is voluntary and CSUMB diplomas are NOT distributed during this event. Graduation applicants who are candidates for baccalaureate or graduate degrees during the fall, spring, or summer term of the same academic year are eligible to participate. For details regarding the commencement ceremony, visit the Commencement website.