Graduate Degrees

Graduate Requirements

Advancement to Degree Candidacy

Once you have completed matriculation and received classified standing in a master's degree curriculum, you must be advanced to candidacy prior to receiving your degree. You may be advanced to candidacy after completing a minimum of 15 credits of graded work as a graduate student in courses that are acceptable to the respective graduate degree program.

After satisfactory completion of any required examinations and satisfaction of the criteria noted above, you and your advisor should submit the Request for Advancement to Candidacy form listing all remaining courses and other requirements which you must fulfill to receive your degree. This must be done prior to your last semester.

Course Credit Time Limit

The California Code of Regulations (Section 40510(b)(2), Title 5, Education) requires that no more than seven years may elapse between the day you complete the first course in a master's degree program and the date you complete all requirements for the degree.

Validation of Expired Coursework

In conjunction with an approved extension of the time limit for completing your master's degree, you must validate expired courses by registration, examination, or other appropriate means. Expired courses are those taken seven years or more prior to the date of graduating with your master's degree.

You must submit any request for an extension and permission to validate courses for credit through your graduate advisor to the appropriate program designee.

Applying for Graduation

Graduate degree candidates follow the same graduation application process and timelines as undergraduate candidates. Visit the CSUMB.EDU/grad website for specific forms and guidelines.