The Global Studies minor provides an opportunity to acquire crosscultural competence. It recognizes that there is hardly any aspect of contemporary human existence that is not in some way affected by the increasing global interdependency of humanity. The Global Studies minor examines a range of global affairs and is based on the understanding that global covers both international and multicultural issues. The coursework provides you with conceptual knowledge of the process of globalization, a necessary step to becoming a global citizen. It furthers your understanding of current global affairs and politics, the functioning of the global economy and your location in this economy.

Global awareness and expertise are urgently needed in California as our state economy ranks among the top ten in the world today. The Global Studies Minor is designed to help California prepare future leaders, experts and professionals to help the state maintain its important role in the global economy.

Regardless of major, you can globalize your education through the Global Studies minor by learning about the international foundations of issues you focus on in your major. The minor provides curriculum that enables you to achieve cross-cultural skills and global competence beyond what you gain from your major.

Required Courses

Complete two of following:

  • GS 316: Approaches/ Global Histories (4 units)
  • GS 330: World Views (4 units)
  • GS 370: Global Political Economy (4 units)
  • GS 390: Global Politics (4 units)

Complete any two of following:

  • GS 311: US Foreign Policy in Asia/Latin America (4 units)
  • GS 320: Global Issues & 3rd World (4 units)
  • GS 322: Dilemmas in Humanitarianism (4 units)
  • GS 325: International Development (4 units)
  • GS 326: US Foreign Policy (4 units)
  • GS 332: Religion in a Post Secular World (4 units)
  • GS 335: Comparative Governments and Politics (4 units)
  • GS 340: Social Media and Global Communication (4 units)
  • GS 343: Global Film and Film Industries (4 units)
  • GS 345: Global Political Theory and Philosophy (4 units)
  • GS 349: The West and Arab and Muslim World - Soliya Connect (2-4 units)
  • GS 350: Global Gender Issues (4 units)
  • GS 360: Relig'n/Violence/Peacemaking (4 units)
  • GS 362: Global Literatures (4 units)
  • GS 375: Ecological Political Economy (4 units)
  • GS 376: US Political Economy (4 units)
  • GS 380S: Building an Int'l NGO (6 units)
  • GS 385: Global Ecology (4 units)
  • GS 395: Special Topics (1-4 units)

Learning Outcomes

LO 1: Core Understanding of Global Processes

Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and apply key concepts, skills and knowledge in global processes in global history, culture, political economy or politics.

LO 2: Focused Knowledge of Global Processes

Demonstrate focused knowledge and and key concepts in global processes. Choose any two GS courses listed.