Subject Code Description
ASL American Sign Language
BIO Biology
BUS Business
CAD Communication Across the Disciplines
CHEM Chemistry
CHHS Collaborative Health & Human Services
CHIN Chinese
CART Cinematic Arts & Technology
CST Computer Science & Technology
ESCAD Early Start Communication Across the Disciplines
ED Education
ENSTU Environmental Studies
ENVS Environmental Science, Technology, & Policy
FYS First Year Seminar
GEOL Geology
GPP Government, Politics, and Policy
GS Global Studies
HCOM Human Communication
HDEV Human Development
HOSP Hospitality
HSP Health & Social Policy
ISSM Integrated Studies Special Major
IST Instructional Science & Technology
ITAL Italian
JAPN Japanese
KIN Kinesiology
LING Linguistics
LS Liberal Studies
MAE Master of Arts in Education
MATH Mathematics
MLML Moss Landing Marine Lab
MPA Music & Performing Arts
MSCI Marine Science
MSPA Master of Science Physician Assistant
NURS Nursing
PANM Public Administration & Nonprofit Management
PH Public Health
PHYS Physics
PSY Psychology
RSCH Research
SBS Social & Behavioral Sciences
SICP Science Illustration Certificate Program
SL Service Learning
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPED Special Education
SPSY School Psychology
STAT Statistics
SW Social Work
VPA Visual & Public Art
WLC World Languages & Cultures