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If you transferred into CSUMB as an AS-T-certified student in Kinesiology, you must complete the following courses for your bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at CSUMB. If you are unsure about your transfer status, please talk to a Kinesiology faculty advisor as soon as possible.

Download the CCC TMC for Kinesiology

Complete ALL of the following:

Complete ALL of the following core courses:

Select one concentration and complete the associated coursework.

Exercise Science Concentration

Complete ALL of the following courses:

Wellness Concentration

Complete ALL of the following courses:

Complete FOUR of the following courses:

Courses from kinesiology required core courses and two courses from list A at community college

All units are based on the semester and indicated minimum credits.

Required Core Courses

Intro to Kinesiology (3 credits)

Human Anatomy with Lab (4 credits)

Human Physiology with Lab (4 credits)

Movement-based courses (3 credits total)

List A

Introductory Statistics (3 credits)

Any approved courses (3 credits)