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If you transferred into CSUMB as an AA-T-certified student in Spanish, you must complete the following courses for your bachelor's degree in Spanish Language & Hispanic Cultures at CSUMB. If you are unsure about your transfer status, please talk to an advisor.

Download the CCC TMC for Spanish

Complete the following courses:

Complete ALL of the following courses:

Complete THREE of the following Language and Linguistics related courses:

Complete THREE of the following Literature and Culture courses:

Complete ONE of the following Secondary Culture courses:

Cultural Immersion

To complete the requirements of the Spanish degree, students must demonstrate that he or she has been actively immersed in and has internalized Hispanic culture. There are two pathways by which this can be demonstrated; in consultation with your major advisor, choose ONE of the following pathways:

Pathway 1

By participating in a study-abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country for at least one semester. WLC's Spanish program has exchange agreements with the University of Aguas Calientes and the University of Queretero in Mexico, and the University of Córdoba in Spain. In addition, through CSU International Programs, you can study at universities in Madrid or Granada, Spain or in Santiago, Chile.

Pathway 2

By participating in and/or completing all of the following cultural learning scenarios with accompanying documentation, in the target language:

  • Participate in service learning within a local heritage community for a minimum of eight weeks beyond the actual service learning requirement.
  • Make a minimum of three home-visits in the local heritage community to interact and communicate with members of the Hispanic culture regarding topics of personal interest, the community, culture and language.
  • Attend or view via media a minimum of 10 cultural events and /or social activities of Hispanic culture.
  • Actively participate and/or perform in a school or heritage community event or celebration.
  • Participate in a heritage-community project (of some duration) that requires proficiency in Spanish and knowledge of Hispanic cultures.
  • Conducting a one hour in-depth interview with a speaker of Spanish, eliciting, in a conversational manner, comments of a biographical nature, cultural and social observations and anecdotal reflections.
  • View and comment on 10 movie-length films produced within and about Hispanic culture.
  • Participate at least five times in organized sports or recreation activities of Hispanic culture.
  • Demonstrate cultural skills by making hotel reservations, ordering meals and shopping in stores or markets in heritage settings where Spanish is spoken.

Students may select additional elective coursework if necessary to complete 60 units.