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If you transferred into CSUMB as an AA-T-certified student in Elementary Education, you must complete the following courses for your bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies at CSUMB. If you are unsure about your transfer status, please talk to a Liberal Studies advisor as soon as possible. You will work with a Liberal Studies advisor to create your Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This ILP maps out how you will achieve each of the major course requirements listed below to earn your degree.

Complete ALL of the following Liberal Studies Core Courses:

Complete ALL of the following Subject Matter Content Core Courses:

Students select an emphasis or minor that is no more than 13 units. See Liberal Studies Required Courses for a list of approved emphases and minors.

Students select either the Integrated Teacher Education Program (iTEP) pathway OR the Traditional Pathway:

Integrated Teacher Education Program (iTEP)

Complete ALL of the following courses:

Traditional Pathway

Complete FOUR of the following Advanced Inquiry in Education courses: