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The Peace Studies Minor offers an interdisciplinary analysis of conflict and nonviolent movements both in the U.S. and globally. The Peace Studies Minor combines Human Communication's multicultural and ethical reflexivity with Global Studies' purview of complex global systems.

Student learning is supported through our commitment to assets-based learning models and the minor's dual approach of process (conflict resolution and nonviolence skills) and content (global conflict, feminist theory of violence, religious peacemaking, histories and philosophies of nonviolence). Peace Studies minors will engage the campus community with the surrounding communities in shared commitments to developing scholarly and applied strategies for peace building.

Required Courses

Students selecting from the list below should diversify their choices so that they are taking both GS and HCOM courses. Students may also take one course from another unit after securing permission from the advisor affirming that it meets one or another of the outcomes.

Complete one of the following:

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Suggested Pathways for Focus within Peace Studies Minor

Feminist Theory



Learning Outcomes

Dynamics and Arenas of Conflict

This outcome provides students the opportunity to learn case studies of conflict and various theoretical approaches to conflict.

Theories and Strategies for Social Justice and Peace

This outcome provides students with the opportunities to study movements for social justice and peace past and present, secular and faith-based, and think critically about their relative successes and challenges.

Cooperative Argumentation and Conflict Resolution

This outcome will be met by one of a series of courses based in the model of cooperative argumentation.

Building Projects for Social Justice and Peace

In particular through SL curriculum (currently only the 340S is available) students will work via the SL outcomes interfaced with a focus on justice AND in peace based community projects, students will have the opportunities to serve community identified needs in building peaceful solutions. Students may also do faculty sponsored individual projects to meet this outcome.