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ESCAD 94: Introduction to Writing

Provides students with tools and activities for identifying their areas of reading and writing strengths and needs, and anticipates the expectations of the college curriculum with attention to habits of mind and skills necessary for academic success. Early Start program.This course satisfies only the CSU's Early Start requirement. Early Start Program - Requires student to be enrolled in an Early Start Plan

Units: 1 — 1

ESCAD 95: Integrated Reading Writing

Integrates learning and improvement in reading and writing by exploring texts produced by members of various social, cultural, and academic communities, including students' own writing. Designed to prepare students for college-level reading and writing through understanding of the processes of reading, writing, thinking and oral communication skills; the development of reading, writing and thinking skills; and the experience of reading and writing as problem solving, reasoning, and reflection. Not for baccalaureate credit; however, the course grade will show on student transcripts. Early Start Program - Requires student to be enrolled in an Early Start Plan

Units: 4 — 4

ESCAD 100A: Oral and Written Communication Semester 1

This two-semester course focuses on mindful, strategic, ethical, and skillful oral and written communication in all contexts: this class, other classes, and life outside of college. Students will study and practice rhetoric in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in order to develop individual theories of communication. Through examination of rhetorical situations, students will develop their understanding of multiple perspectives. Only completion of both CAD 100A: Oral and Written Communication Semester 1 (4 units) & 100B will meet the A1 requirement. This class satisfies the CSU's Early Start and remediation requirements and is available to CSUMB destination AND first time Freshman only. It also begins a two-semester A1 sequence.

Units: 4 — 4