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The Community Health Education minor is ideal for students interested in health related professional careers who want an opportunity to develop skills and competencies for the growing field of health education and promotion.

For the rapidly growing number of students in health related major degree programs, including Biology, Kinesiology, Psychology and Nursing, this minor will provide an additional educational pathway and focused training in health education practice.

Required Courses

Pathway #1: Kinesiology and Nursing Majors

Complete all of the following:

And select a minimum of 4 units from the following:

Pathway #2: All Other Majors (except CHHS)

Complete all of the following:

And select a minimum of 4 credits from the following:

Learning Outcomes

Cross-cultural Competency

Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between self and others and be comfortable engaging in a process of relationship-building characterized by mutual respect and sensitivity; assess the needs and capabilities of culturally diverse populations, and communicate effectively across cultural groups.

Knowledge of Health & Human Services

Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles and issues common to the major fields of health and human services including community health, social welfare and public policy, and demonstrate competence in the selected areas of concentration.

Knowledge of Kinesiology

Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental content, principles and issues common in the field of kinesiology, including exercise science, wellness, human development, neurological foundations of learning, movement, nutrition and community health.

Multicultural Competency

Demonstrate the ability to deliver kinesiology services by communicating effectively across cultural groups, assessing the needs and capabilities of culturally diverse populations, and engaging in this process with mutual respect and sensitivity.

Leadership (wellness)

Demonstrate an understanding and resourceful command of the skills needed to motivate others in diverse settings and communities, to include promoting a shared vision and setting clear directions for implementing sustained changes.

Financial Management

Demonstrate the ability to understand the budgeting process and the financial management of public agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Statistics and Research Methods

Demonstrate knowledge and application of basic research methodologies and statistical analysis in applied and community-based health and human services practice research.

Student-selected LO Option

Community Health Education (CHE) Minor students may also propose other electives that reflect specific content areas of interest from other majors. Other electives are subject to approval by a CHE Minor program advisor.